Your college degree is an excuse and limitation

First, let me start off by telling you why you SHOULDN'T trust my opinion on this topic: 

1. I'm a college dropout that was never interested enough in my classes to complete them. 

2. I used my insecurity of being a college dropout to fuel my ambition to "succeed" in business. 

3. I like learning things the hard way. Not only do I learn the lesson forever but I discover problems in the socially accepted "correct way" of doing things.  This gives me an advantage. 

4. Some of the best business owners I know did it WITH a degree. 

Now here are the reasons you SHOULD trust my opinion on this topic: 

1. Some of the best business owners I know did it WITHOUT a degree. 

2. I'm a very open thinker. I've been in 100's of hours of professional therapy, trust me, I can look at things objectively. 

3. I've seen the degree be used as an excuse more often than I've seen it used as a tool. 

4. Do you honestly think a college curriculum can keep up with the way business is changing?

Now that you know my inner conflict on the issue, let me vent. Here goes.... 


Why am I mad? Because I see capable people with tons of potential putting their life on hold until they get their degree. I can honestly think of a handful right now that think their college degree is going to get them somewhere magic. Like this validation from the world is somehow going to change their lives. That this piece of paper is somehow going to improve their habits, outlook, relationships, confidence, etc. That this document is going to open up all these amazing doors. From what I've seen, it's NOT going to do that. 

You will be the same scared, confused, shy person you are now. You're not going to remember most of what you learn in college, likely you'll only remember what you use regularly after. I can hardly remember what I learned in school outside of what I use.  Hopefully you gain some great self discipline habits along your journey, and you take enough credit hours to really stretch your work ethic, but yes, you will be essentially the same person you are now when you graduate. So don't wait on improving and doing NOW! The time is NOW! If you want to succeed in this world it's going to require hard work, determination, the ability to learn and grow from experience, NOT a degree. Don't let your degree be your excuse for action now. 


1. They want to climb a company ladder to do EXACTLY what their degree certifies them to do. IE: CFO, TAX MANAGER, MARKETER, etc. 

2. If you need the degree to legally perform your job. IE: Doctor, Lawyer, Social Worker.

3. If the degree will make them feel accomplished or worthy as a person. 

4. They want a strong understanding of fundamentals in a subject, knowing they will have to graduate and learn to do business in the real world after. This is building a base, not being totally prepared when you graduate. You will still have to work your ass off.  

Here's why I think someone shouldn't get a degree: 

1. To "open" doors in business. I believe the degree will open doors in someone else's business, but does anyone care about your degree when you own a business? No, they care about your results. 

2.  To learn how to "speak" business. You learn to speak business by doing business. So just begin. Trust me, college isn't business. There's a reason your professor is teaching and not doing. Be careful of trusting someone who teaches something they've never done. 

3. They think people or the world will treat them differently with a degree. When it comes to owning a business I've never felt limited by not having a degree.  I've had all the opportunity any other business owner has had. 

4. Because your parents expect one. You've got to want this inside yourself. Doing something to please someone else is a sign of a bigger problem that you're not living your own life. 

To wrap this rant up, true success will come from DOING not THINKING. So if a degree is putting your life on hold, or putting you taking action on hold, or holding you back from pursuing a business or dream STOP PURSUING A DEGREE. IT'S HOLDING YOU BACK, IT'S LIMITING YOU. IT'S AN EXCUSE. IT'S PROCRASTINATION. STOP NOW! 

If your degree is causing you to take simultaneous action on your dreams and desires. If your degree is developing great habits, work ethic, and contacts. If you degree is creating fire in your desire and you take action daily outside of school BY ALL MEANS PURSUE THAT DEGREE. 

My goal is to make you address within yourself if your degree is an inner excuse, or a driving desire. I hope I added some clarity or questions within you. 

Thanks for letting me vent.