The Three Agreements | every entrepreneur MUST make

I was asked recently by Stephen Woessner, host of Onward Nation,  what I would say to a room full of would be entrepreneurs who are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime to own their own business. What I would say to them to help make their journey easier? After hours of thinking on this I realized instead of offering advice I would just ask them to decide if they are going to make it right in that moment. History tells us that 9 out of 10 of these people aren't going to make it anyway and I was going to help them figure out who's who in the moment, right there in that room. 

I came up with these three agreements, that if any Entrepreneur makes with themselves will guarantee success in this lifetime. Here they are:

1. "I am willing to die on this success treadmill" - This to me is the number one agreement because if you can honestly tell yourself and the universe this one simple phrase, AND believe it, your success is guaranteed. The difference between the winners and losers in business is not the opportunities, the economy, the funding, it's the DECISION. The decision that when they hop on this giant treadmill and that they are going to win. They are going to make it. They will run until there is no more left. If they get knocked down they will crawl. If they can't crawl they will roll, and if they can't roll they will sink their teeth into anything they can and hold on. THIS person is willing to die in pursuit of their dreams. THIS person would rather die than fail. THIS is the person that will make it. It doesn't matter the time it takes, the challenges that lie ahead, or how many times they get knocked down. They'll just do it again. I believe when the universe is presented with a person like this, it just gives in because this is the person that will drive evolution or die trying. What more could you ask of a person? 

2. "I believe all obstacles are perfectly designed for my benefit" - I have seen this time and time again that things I thought were the biggest problems, turned out being my greatest benefits. It's the times when things fail that we push past our limits to create better outcomes. Failures are the stuff that shape a champion, that shape a fighter, that show a man's true character. The trick to this agreement is the acknowledgement that all setbacks are designed for you, to make you better, to prepare  you for the future, and to help you enjoy the success to come. This one agreement will take all the negativity that could come from setbacks and help you build confidence with them and believe that you are improving everyday. This agreement is like an insurance policy on your positive outlook. 

3.  "I am willing to think, speak, and act as if I'm already a great success" - This agreement usually takes time for people to make. Up and coming entrepreneurs start out thinking and speaking in a small way. They act small and they get treated small. They lack confidence and every person that deals with them can sense it. They get put in the "wannabe" folder of people's minds, and opportunities get hard to come by. Then once they start to have some success they realize they ARE a bigger deal than they thought. They realize they CAN do anything that anyone else has done. They start talking, acting, and thinking big... and YES people start filing them in the "real deal" folder. This leads to bigger and better relationships, better results from co-workers, and better opportunities from everyone in their life. Everyone wants to know and help someone that's truly doing it. Be that man or woman NOW! Truly believe you already are a great success (because you are), even if you don't have all the pieces to show it. There is NOTHING that has been done that you cannot do. Believe this agreement fully NOW, and save yourself a lot of time. 

If you can make these agreements to yourself today you are a success in my book. I know multiple people that have made these shifts in their mind and I can already FEEL the success oozing off of them. They will make it to their destination. They already have, in the place that matters... Their mind.