I Faced One Of My Biggest Fears

I'm pretty exhausted this morning. I spent last weekend prepping a shooting a live spot on the E Channel for the Oscars. It was live to millions!  For the couple weeks leading up to it I really started to feel the stress. I cleared my mind as best I could and kept pushing on. I had to set up the Float Tank Friday, rehearse Saturday, shoot Sunday, and take down the Tank Monday. LONG weekend. 

Driving to the shoot on Sunday morning was a real trying time in my life. My anxiety and panic started in my life when I was living in LA going to school, so just being back in LA brought back many old feelings. Feelings of hopeless fear and being near death. Luckily this time I was back on my on choice, feeling fear I had chosen to feel, and proceeding to move through it and conquer it. If you want to read more about my collapse and how I found floating check out my book The Float Tank Cure

When it came time to shoot there was about 20 production people, the cameras, the lights, and the host. I had to get the message right and stay comfortable and casual in front of millions. It was heavy on my brain. I felt a lot of fear and did it anyway. I stayed in the moment with the host and talked from my heart.... 

IT WENT WELL! I DID IT! It was very emotional for me. Here's the FB post I did shortly after. 

and here's the clip: 


Long story short, I took all the will power I had and faced one of my biggest fears to date and it went well. It went so well that I felt like I finally had trust with the universe, like I finally understood the reason I went through all the pain. Almost like the universe completed that chapter in my life. 

What does this have to do with You? A lot... YOUR FEARS. I believe what you want in life, your next level, your personal best all lie on the other side of your fears. Maybe it's fear of a hard conversation? Maybe it's fear of confronting an issue in your life? Maybe it's fear of failure, fear of success.. what if you can't handle success? 

My coaching to you from personal experience is believe in yourself. Face your fears, trust the process, be willing to fail, and achieve something GREAT! Success in life doesn't come to everyone, it comes to the ones that are willing to push themselves more than the others. I believe the universe knows who is committed to doing more and gives them more opportunity. SO, commit within yourself now, take the steps from here out, and watch what happens. 

Here's a picture somebody took shortly after the shoot. The joy and success I felt within myself seems to be beaming from me. WHAT A JOURNEY! 

Thanks for reading. I hope you decide to push yourself to do something you fear. Let me know how it goes.