Meaning Behind The Podcast

I'm launching a podcast next week called the ShaneTrain. It's been a long time in the making. It all started with a desire to speak my unfiltered truth and explore all of my curiosities. So much of my daily life I'm being a "proper version" of myself. No it's not an unhealthy level, it's just the basics. If I'm working at Zen or Walker I'm positive, calm, and PC. The reality is many times I'm sad, mad, or highly opinionated.  These things don't seem to play well in a business setting. I want to be a centered productive leader, not a dramatic unpredictable one. Makes sense right? 

When I'm with family I'm calm, kind, and reserved. Could I be loud dramatic and outspoken? Yeah, but I don't think it would be productive, especially raising children. Am I not living my truth with my family? I don't think so, it's more being dynamic and showing up in a way to help everyone grow. 

What about when I want to be unfiltered, opinionated and NOT PC? That's not easy to come by, it's a piece of myself reserved for people I totally trust. Mainly a handful of close friends and family who REALLY know me and accept all the good bad and ugly, and won't change their opinion of me. Here's the thing, I LOVE being in this mental space. So, my best idea to get it all out on a regular basis is...... 

unnamed (1).jpg

Pretty much anything and everything I find interesting. Things like drugs, aliens, inventors, porn, video games, plants, and on and on. 

I've had some concern about offending people in my circles, and I've come to the realization that if somebody can't handle the raw version of me, I don't need them in my circle anyway. It's more liberating than you would think. I've spent WAY TOO MUCH of my life worried about what others think.

In many ways it's my declaration to the world that I'm ok to be totally me. To put it ALL out there. To let the chips fall where they may. However it affects my career is how it has to be. If I would have gone "farther" in the public eye by NOT putting this out, who cares. It's like the quote from Kurt Cobain. 

On another note, when my kids grow up a bit and find out everything about their dad, the good the bad, and the ugly. I will tell them that I'm real, I'm human, and I'm always working to be a better version of myself. Life is an adventure and I trust them to figure out their own path. I hope I can build enough trust with them that I can warn them of some of the major dangers in life. We will see. 

Well, hope you enjoy the Podcast, if you decide to listen.