Just finished the Jim Rohn goal setting workshop for 2015

So every year about this time I get my plans ready for the year ahead. It's a time of excitement and suspense for me because I get to see what I'm going to achieve but I haven't figured out exactly how it's going to happen. lol  LOTS to do and figure out, as usual. 

This year my good friend Jason Malaska recommended a goal setting workshop by Jim Rohn. It was on youtube and he said it would take about an hour. As usual Jim Rohn's voice and personality entertained and enlightened me, and the hour was very well spent. 

What was different about this goal setting session was that you lay everything out and then start putting year ranges that you believe you'll get them done. This was cool! Turns out I'm very much a long-term goal maker. I only had 3 goals of my 40 that were going to be completed in 2015. The rest were 3 years, 5 or 10. It's cool to see your scope and prioritize your goals. 

During the workshop my favorite quote was by Earl Shoaff who was Jim Rohn's mentor, it starts with a question he asked Jim: "Do you have a list of goals? Then I can get your bank balance."  lol I'm finding this to be more true every day. 

So here's the link. Take the hour and enjoy. You won't regret it I promise. 

PS.  Skip to about 5:30, that's when Jim starts.