Karma | the perfect justice system

I find it ridiculous that people can sue anybody for any reason with no real penalty besides their own time and money. Can you believe that companies pay off frivolous law suits without even taking them to trial because the cost of proving they are right is more expensive than paying the person to go away? It makes me sad that our system can reward criminals like this. 

I do not have a law degree so I couldn't tell you all the reasons this may be a bad idea, but I've always thought this would be a great idea:

If you decide to sue somebody and you lose, you should pay their attorney fees.

Wouldn't that make too much sense? Wouldn't people only sue if they KNEW they were in the right? Sounds perfect to me. I was thinking about this idea and our broken justice system the other day while driving and I was getting frustrated as usual, but then a bigger idea struck me. 

We already have the perfect justice system and it's called Karma. 


Think about somebody who has really wronged you in your life and what their life is like today? If you still know them, think about the quality of their life, their relationships, their peace of mind. Most likely when you reflect on a low-character type person you see that they are reaping what they sow. They likely have broken relationships, lots of hardships, and low peace of mind. 

This is our natural justice system and it seems to be almost perfect. I have made choices in my life and if I look at the injustice I caused someone I can usually find a few hardships I've been through to match up. I've pretty much been given back everything I've given, be it good or bad. 

This law applies more to just the simple good and bad, it applies to the "gray areas" as well. For instance, a few years ago I was purchasing a mailing list to acquire some new customers. I was using my gmail email at the time and he mistook me for my direct competitor. He sent me back what he thought was my current customer list along with the purchased ones "de-duplicated." Well the file he sent had my competitors name on it, and it was obvious. I wrote him  back on the error and he was embarrassed, it's his business to protect things like this from happening. He never addressed not using the list for my own good, and likely nobody would have ever known, but it would have weighed far too heavy on my conscience. I believe I would have gotten it back in one way or another in the coming years. This is the respect I have for the perfect justice system. 

Besides only thinking in terms of karma sometimes I just think of it in terms of the Golden Rule. When I'm faced with a "gray area" business decision I just think "how would I like to be treated in this situation?" If it was my list and my competitor had it? The golden rule seems to make all the gray area easy to understand

I hope what I've shared can help you rest assured that everyone will get what's coming to them and there is no need to waste your mental energy on justice. I also hope that if you're ever faced with a "gray area" decision in life or business that you will just turn to the golden rule. It keeps life simple, simple is good.