My Motivation Station

I want to tell you about one of my secret success tools. I call it my Motivation Station. Basically it's just a special workout spot with some cool things added. Every morning I workout on a cross row machine for 30 minutes. It started when a friend of mine Tim recommended I read a book called The Miracle Morning.

Basically the idea is you trade in sleep for exercise in the morning, followed with journaling, and meditation. 

I tried it, and I LOVED it! I honestly have more energy everyday than I ever did, and I'm in way better shape! Seriously, read this book! You may just start your own Miracle Morning. 





When I decided to do my Miracle Morning I wanted to add a little extra UMPH, so I mixed in some motivational stuff and created my


First thing I got a cross-rower. It's like a normal rower only you have to contract and push on the return movement. This works more muscles at the same time, and yes I'm a special sort of lazy that likes convenience and all-in-one solutions. 

Second, I bought a Happy Light of Amazon. These are scientifically proven to replicate the benefits of sunlight and improve mood. I then mounted it on my flat screen in front of the rower. 

Third, did I mention the flat screen!? I got an old tv with some good speakers and set it 2 feet in front of the rower. It's like I'm in a theater while I row, which is very awesome. I didn't add the TV to get caught up in endless brain garbage while I worked out, which brings me to the fourth thing. 

Fourth, I added my favorite motivational Youtube videos. First I picked them out, then I went to an online youtube downloader. Then I threw them on an SD card and bought a little media player off Amazon so they were easy to play. Threw everything on a power strip so in the morning I hit one switch and I'm ready. 


Now every morning I wake up to a HUGE dose of MOTIVATION! I row, get my endorphines, get my thoughts straight, and start my day with some severe ASS KICKING MENTALITY. I can't go back, and my guess is I'll be doing this routine the rest of my life. It's that big of a deal. Here's a small point of view snapshot of what it's like. 

Finding the right videos made a big difference. I've watched A TON of motivational videos and these are my favorite.


I'm not coach, I'm your conscience

It's hard changing your life

There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind

Never underestimate me


Update: I was lucky enough to meet Hal (author of  The Miracle Morning) recently, and I must say he's a great guy. I'm even more supportive of his book. Please read it, and make your own Motivation Station.