It Takes Energy to Make Energy

Have you ever heard the phrase "it takes money to make money"? Most people that have made a decent amount of money in their lives believe this to be true. It's a simple concept that basically says you will need to spend to make money back. You could spend on things like: buying a property, investing in a course, spending money to get a business going, etc. The ideas is that you can't just make extra amounts of money without spending some first. Easy to agree with. 

In the last couple years of my life I've made a relatable discovery to myself and my energy levels. The discovery is: 

It takes energy to make energy

Let me explain. Most people I talk to don't have enough energy to make it strong through the end of their day. They get home fairly wiped out and just rest the minute they get home. I used to be in this camp. In fact when my son was born I would get home and feel "toasted". I didn't know what to do to stay energized until bed. I was sucking down coffee and energy drinks to keep my levels up. It worked to a point, but I believe it was ultimately not the best way to gain more energy. 

That's when I stumbled onto the Miracle Morning book. A friend of mine said he had the most energy he had ever had in his life, and he had plenty at the end of his day. It sounded too good to be true, but I picked up the book and committed to the habit. I could talk more on the book but that doesn't stay to my point of creating energy. 

The book teaches you that sleep and rest aren't necessarily what create more energy, even though its a common belief in our society that if you're tired, you need to rest. The opposite turns out to be true, or at least rest is only part of the truth. 

Welcome to the new mind frame of:


This technique actually works for me like a charm! And may work for you. No matter what happens to you, how tired you are, or what tomorrow holds... wake up, do a 30 minutes workout to a sweat and get your energy machine going. Your body is a machine and you need to turn it on properly every morning. You will be shocked at your results. You will feel less tire, and have more energy all the time by 

Using energy to make more energy. 

We believe it with money, why not with energy?