My New Stoic Book: Meditations Made Simple

So I'm about 1/3 of the way through a Kickstarter launching my new book Meditations Made Simple. It's basically a translation of the original book by Marcus Aurelius called Meditations. Now it's not actually a book he wrote to be published, they were his personal journals throughout his life in which he wrote wisdom he had discovered or realized with experience. 

This is what drew me so strongly to them. They were real life, simple, and powerful. At some points it felt like new ways of looking at things that I had never thought of before, and at other points it was like someone explained something I had felt for a long time. It was a very refreshing read for me, and I appreciated the fact that it wasn't "the word of some god." I'm just not a religious person. 

The thing that was hard for me with the original was absorbing the message. He used different words, phrases, and a style of writing that was just foreign. It read more like a bible, or very old text with many things that took time to understand. So, I translated it for myself. That was the original idea, but about mid way through I realized many other people would probably appreciate it as well, so I decided to publish it. 


Hand Crafted

On the cover, and throughout the book words and quotes are turned into full page hand-drawn illustrations. They are beautiful and really help the message hit home. 

The book is going to be beautifuly printed to match the message. It will be a work of art and it would be something you would be very proud to give as a gift. To see more about how the book will be printed checkout the Kickstarter Page

Who would love this book? 

  • Anyone who is already a fan of Stoic works. 
  • Anyone curious about Stoicism. (Meditations is a great starting place)
  •  Anyone who has a friend or relative into Stoicism. This book will be a work of art, and make a great gift.